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CSE Awareness Week – Day 2

Dorset Police Integrated Missing Person and CSE Team

IMPACT formed at the end of 2016 and a more in depth approach was used to pursue people who exploit children. For one 15 year old, who had very frequent missing episodes and concern about her being exploited, professional meetings were convened and action plans were developed with recognised timescales and outcomes. Police began analysis of her financial situation and of her electronic devices and a dedicated analyst charted her ‘on-line footprint’, linking it to her continuing missing episodes. Financial investigations indicated she was being sexually exploited by several offenders.  This led to the conviction of one suspect to date placing him on the sex offenders register coupled with Sexual Harm Prevention Orders to ensure that he is continued to be monitored by specialist officers.

IMPACT work in a number of ways to identify exploitation and to disrupt risk with young people.

Share information to build information about what is happening in our communities

IMPACT work closely with partners from all services and use information shared with the Police to identify vulnerability and investigate crimes. The Information Sharing Report offers a multi-agency system of sharing information with Dorset Police to aid keeping young people safe. It should be used to provide details of any concerns about people who pose a risk to, or target, groom or sexually abuse young people.

The form focuses specifically on the behaviours or actions of alleged, suspected or known perpetrators, and can act to corroborate the statement of the child or young person or support positive disruptive action.

An on-line reporting process is also available. It should be used at any time to share information about potential perpetrators, concerning locations, associations between young people that cause concern. It should be used alongside the CSE Risk Assessment Tool and at any time when new information comes to light.

On-line reporting:

Link to document:

Can you ensure that you and colleagues are aware of this information sharing route?

Research for practitioners about ‘what works’

Child sexual exploitation: learning from case reviews Summary of risk factors and learning for improved practice around CSE (NSPC)