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CSE Awareness Week – Day 4

Children with learning disability

 Children with learning disability are vulnerable to child sexual exploitation.

British Institute for Learning Disabilities has produced materials to train groups about CSE and working with young people with Learning Disabilities. Some settings may want to use these for group learning and any individual can review them to increase their awareness practice. This training is available on this site.

Supporting this is the leaflet that can be used with children and families with learning disability.

‘Spot the signs’ of CSE for children with learning disabilities: a leaflet for young people with learning disabilities; parents and carers; and professionals.

Can you use these resources to improve your understanding and share with others?

Dangerous Drug Networks (County Lines)

 There is a current focus by the Home Office on what is known as “county lines”.  County lines is the growing practice of gangs exploiting vulnerable children and adults (including those with mental illness or learning disabilities) in order to facilitate the running of street level drug dealing and to spread their networks out across the country from London and other large conurbations.  Whilst much of the activity will, of course, concern policing, the Home Office action plan will also address what needs to be done to “raise awareness and develop resilience” across key sectors – which include the “Health sector including mental health services, adult safeguarding, emergency departments and sexual health clinics”.

Across Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole there are known cases where local young people and young people travelling into the area are being exploited by these Dangerous Drug Networks and all services need to be vigilant to these risks. Some vulnerable adults and families are finding their homes taken over by dealers who use it as a base for their activities – known as ‘cuckooing’. Sexual exploitation can be a feature in these situations.